Life’s for Sharing

Sometimes the beauty of sharing is a bit overwhelming. I just watched the new T-mobile video where groups of “random strangers” use their voices to welcome home people at Heathrow Airport. It’s beautiful!

I always find myself inspired after watching spectacles where a crowd comes together to share joy with each other and other people. I think it’s because there’s a palpable sense of happiness that spreads to everyone around. It’s as if a switch turns everyone from “Auto-pilot” to “Present”. And it reminds me that the world is filled with possibilities — that there’s a larger world out there that makes fears and worries seem trivial and small.

It’s easy to think about negative events that could befall us, but that’s only because that’s our habit. It’s harder to think about positive events that could uplift us, because we spend too much time thinking about the shouldn’ts and the couldn’ts and the uh-oh’s and the wrongs. However, we can train ourselves to spend more time thinking about the greater world of joy that we all know is out there — that we all know we can experience and that we have experienced. And the best way to start is to have something that wakes us up — something that reminds us that beauty and possibility are around us — something that inspires us to think outside of our own little box. And in this light, I present to you this video. For, as we know, the joy is in the experiencing, and the joy is in the sharing!

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