The Thanksgiving “but”

Today is a day to be thankful for everything that we have in our lives. We’re alive. We’re loved. And we’re thankful….but are we really “thankful”? Yesterday I overhead a young woman in the supermarket say, “I’m so thankful for my sister…but her kids get on my nerves.” Ah, the elusive “but”! The little word that seems to negate whatever comes before it. Its as if she said, “I’m thankful, BUT I’m not really thankful.” While this is just a small example of how we elude ourselves I’m sure it applies to all of us. Where in our lives are we only “kind-of-thankful”? Where are we allowing that little “but” to intrude in our appreciation of others and ourselves?

When you are appreciative of life, others and yourself you shine. There is a warm energy that initiates deep within you that spreads throughout your mind and body. When you are truly thankful you are in contact with a powerful force that is greater than yourself. And you attract more positive situations, people and events to you. But the minute you cripple your appreciation, the second that little “but” creeps in to your mind, you shut yourself down. You withdraw into your own concerns, worries and fears. In essence, you shut yourself off from life, love and joy. And the kicker is that you’re the one who is withdrawing. You are the one who is denying yourself the ability to shine in the abundant love and joy that is available to you every second of every day.

This Thanksgiving watch your thoughts. Appreciate everyone around you no matter how many “buts” you want to use to hijack your joy. A trick is to switch the word “but” to “and”. For instance, the woman at the supermarket could have said, “I’m thankful for my sister…AND her kids annoy me.” This simple switch gives the woman the ability to continue to fully appreciate her sister. Appreciation and Being Thankful are gifts we give to ourselves and everyone around us. Go ahead and pamper yourself — treat yourself to a little love and rampant thanksgiving.

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