The Road to Santiago

TheRoadtoSantiago.RoryLedbetter.Image1The Road to Santiago is a new 60-minute solo show by Rory Ledbetter having its World Premier at the Toronto Fringe Festival. Ledbetter and his fiancé decide to undergo “premarital counseling” through an 800 kilometer walk across Spain on El Camino de Santiago! Armed with a guidebook, shoes, backpacks, and issues concerning their relationship, they meet a cast of characters, survive an army of blisters and physical injuries, and finish what is indeed an adventure of a lifetime. Santiago is a high energy solo show that is hilarious and full of heart.

The Road to Santiago is playing at St. Vladimir Theatre (620 Spadina Ave | Toronto, ON M5S) as part of the Toronto Fringe Festival. Tickets are $12 ( Showtimes are:

Wednesday 6/29/16 @ 7:00pm

Saturday 7/2/16 @ 12:00pm

Tuesday 7/5/15 @ 4:30pm

Wednesday 7/6/16 @ 11:30pm

Thursday 7/7/16 @ 9:45pm

Friday 7/8/16 @5:45pm

Saturday 7/9/16 @1:45pm

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