In a world of social media outlets, it’s tough to remember I have a blog! I’ve been posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and now Vine, but this wonderful little WordPress outpost has remained isolated. If we interviewed it, I’m sure it would say something like “I feel like the Great Wall of China, a mighty relic of a bustling time where people actually had to contain large things like armies, catapults and ideas longer than 140 characters.” Well, my Blog, I’m back!

I heard the song “When I’m Gone (Cups)” on the radio last night, and it hooked me. The sound was so light, bluesy, fun and hopeful that it made me pull over to take it in. I was stopped at an oasis in a desert of pop music. When I got home, I found the video that just got released, and it made me smile. Moving from isolation and simplicity to the complexity of a giant group beating out a rhythm with their hands and cups and then back to isolation. The video and song captures the joy and sorrow of life. It reminds me that life is out there. We all have moments of isolation and loneliness, where the camaraderie and excitement of a festival, a road trip or a group outing flows out to sea. We stand on the sands of the beach gazing out at the giant ocean ahead of us, realizing that we are alone. And in that moment we sense ourselves, a companion in disguise. When we are alone, we miss the people that are gone, but there’s always someone who is still there: You! Life is adventure to be relished, explored and enjoyed. And when you’re gone and you need some sweet company, know that you’re always there by your side.


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