You Are Your Soulmate

What’s a soulmate? I’ve heard many theories and definitions of what a “soulmate” actually is, and my favorite is this: “A soulmate is someone who completes me.” While I love the poetry behind this idea, it suggests that we are incomplete until we reunite with the lost half of our soul. It’s as if our soul and our soulmate’s souls are puzzle pieces that combine to form a beautiful picture.

But what if you’re soul wasn’t broken up? What if your soul was complete, whole and beautiful inside of you? What if you’re not “incomplete”, but you only think you are?

A friend reminded me today of a quote in the New Testament. Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Look at that quote, and I’m sure the words that stand out to you are “love” and “neighbor”. But what about “thyself”? When’s the last time you loved yourself or were generous to yourself? When’s the last time you forgave yourself for doing something you regretted? When’s the last time you treated yourself to something special? When’s the last time you loved yourself like you’d love your soulmate?

Love is a quality that cannot be found because it cannot be lost. Love always lives within each and every one of us. Sometimes we might not be present to the feeling of love because we deny it within ourselves. But it’s always there — waiting for us to let go of the hose so that it can easily flow out. Love is always available for us! And if love’s always available for us, what’s stopping you from letting it be present for you? You might be holding a grudge against someone who has wronged you, and so you hold back the love. You might be worried about a deadline or being safe in the future, and so you hold back the love. You might even be beating yourself up about something you wish you hadn’t done, and so you hold back the love. But ultimately who’s being denied the love? It’s you! And who’s denying you the feeling of love? You too! And if you knew you were consciously denying love to your soulmate, would you keep love from him/her? Or would you do everything in your power to make sure your soulmate felt comforted, supported and loved?

As Christmas and the Holidays are upon us, and we share tidings of comfort and joy, let us remember that the expression of joy and love start from within ourselves. If we treat ourselves as our soulmates, we have no reason to withhold love from our life. In fact, we have every reason to stoke the love-fire of our soul and give blessing for the fact that we really are whole, perfect and complete. And as we allow our light to shine, we give people the opportunity to unleash their own love within themselves. And to me that’s the true meaning of Christmas! Do you hear what I hear? It’s your soul wanting to share it’s love with the world! Let it out to play. And Happy Holidays!

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