“Just Let Go!”

“Just Let Go!” — that’s the phrase I keep hearing in my head. “Just let go and allow the universe to unfold in front of you.” So often in life I find myself getting attached to how I want the future to look and how I want events to unfold. And when I get attached…? Guess what — the outcomes don’t look anything like what I expected! What I’m finding is life is so much easier when I just let go. And even more, I find a greater sense of appreciation for life and others.

So looking at this wonderful idea of “going with the flow”, how can we give in and still manifest and create the life we want? I think the secret lies in the power of intention. In every situation you experience you have an intention. It might be clear and specific, or it might be vague and muddied. But there is always an intention in your mind. What is an “intention”? Its whatever you are focused on in the moment. If you are thinking about “having fun”, then that’s your intention. If you are having visions of relaxing on the couch and reading a book, your intention is probably focused on “calm and reflection”. If you are thinking about identity theft and crime, then your intention is probably focused on “people taking advantage of you”. And whatever you intend, so you attract. Intentions are more than just thoughts. They are magnets that attract circumstances and people to us. As human beings we are powerful creators of our worlds. But we often forget this because we like to play the victim. When we think life is just happening to us — that circumstances are fully beyond our control — we feel powerless and small. And inside all of us is a very strong ego that refuses to be defeated by the world. The second we fall into a victim mentality, our ego issues forth blames, accusations, and righteous vindications. And in that moment, our intention focuses on “attack”, “disaster”, “destruction”, “depression”, and many other ideas that contribute to an ultimate feeling of loss, frustration and emptiness.

When we are in a victim state we hold on to things for dear life. We strive and push ourselves to find a solution to the nagging feelings of loss, frustration and emptiness. We become attached to how events must unfold, to how people have to act, and to how life has to work. And the more events, people and life don’t turn out how we want them to, the more we turn up the juice and strive and push with more vigor and determination. And what do we get for all of this muscle? We get a stronger sense of feeling empty, incomplete, unsatisfied, and alone! We are hamsters on a wheel that isn’t going anywhere. But we continue to push ourselves thinking that eventually we will get somewhere.

If you really want to get somewhere — if you really want to find joy and fulfillment — JUST LET GO! Let go of how you think people need to act. Let go of your need for events to unfold exactly like you want. Let go of all the judgments and attachments that swing through your mind. And start getting super clear on your intention in the moment. If you want more joy and ease in your life, let that be your intention at the start of the day. Say to yourself, “I am wanting today to be filled with joy and ease!” And then Let Go! Allow yourself to be surprised by how joy and ease will manifest in your life. When our intentions are clear, we find ourselves in situations and places that encourage and echo our intentions. For instance, if your intention is to “let loose and have fun”, you might get a surprise phone call from a friend who invites you to go dancing. If your intention is to be a “money magnet”, you might have an intuitive urge to walk a different way to the store. And as you’re walking you discover a $5 bill on the side of the street. Or you might get to the store and discover that your favorite cereal, which you’re out of, is on a Buy One, Get One special! Who knows exactly how your intentions will manifest. That’s not your concern. Your task is to stay focused on your intentions and to make sure they are the intentions you are wanting in that moment.

As you begin this experiment, you will find yourself reverting back to “default intentions”, which are the chronic, habitual intentions you’ve been using for ages. That’s okay. Its part of the journey! Before you walk into a store or restaurant, before you call a friend on the phone, and before you walk in to work, ask yourself, “What is my intention?” If you have no idea what to choose, here’s a handful of suggestions:

“I am intending to see and feel joy!”

“I am intending to feel connected and supported!”

“I am intending safety and ease!”

“I am intending love and forgiveness!”

Whatever it is that you are really wanting to feel and experience is your intention for that moment. If you find yourself in a negative situation, repeat your intention for the day and allow it to seep out into the world. Our intentions influence everyone around us. Even if it is only through our words, body language and tone of voice. True power is found when we realize that our thoughts create our world. Our thoughts encourage us to talk to certain people, to take specific actions, and to behave in different ways. Before you change your actions, change your thoughts. And once your thoughts are clear, just let go and allow your inner intuition to guide you on the journey ahead. And get ready for a load of surprises that will knock your socks off!

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