The Gift of Fever

I’ve never been a fan of illness. I can’t imagine anybody is. But I’m starting to realize that illness can be a blessing in disguise. As human beings, we are so often caught in the day-to-day grind of living and surviving that we forget who we are. Instead of being powerful creators designing the future in front of us, we become mere pawns in games that feels out of our control. And the irony is that we created the games…we just forgot that we did.

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve been recovering from a bout with pneumonia. Now the fight bell hasn’t rung ‘ding’, but I’m thinking I’ll be able to keep my title of Undefeated Life Living Champion of My World. Even though I didn’t want pneumonia, I attracted it in to my life. Why? I’m not 100% sure. Maybe I just wanted to watch some movies (“UP” was fantastic!). Maybe I needed a rest. And maybe, just maybe, I needed a “reality check”. Life has been so hurried and fast-paced lately that I haven’t stopped to think about what type of future I want to live in to.  I’ve had ideas. But I haven’t taken the time to harnass the power of my thoughts to create the future I want. And now I see that there’s no better time than NOW! Because tomorrow may never come. And tomorrow is always a day away.

So is fever a gift? I know it doesn’t feel like one. But it reminds us that we’re mortal and that there’s no sense in wasting precious years of our life waiting to really live. Is there something that you want to do in life that you aren’t doing? Is there something you want to be in life that you haven’t been? Illness represents a chance to slam on the brakes, find out where we are, and change course towards where we want to be. Remember this if you’re ever sick. Your life is calling, and it wants you to pick up the phone. Said another way: “Life gives us fever…when we need it…fever when we forget our way…Fever!…sent to guide us…fever to reclaim the day!”

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